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Mill Roll Lifters

Just as modern rolling mills have an almost infinite variety of rolls, Powlift has an equally wide range of Mill Roll Lifters. Our engineers have created solutions to lift anything from small processing rolls to mammoth back-up rolls with chocks.

Work Roll Lifters

Powlift has a wealth of experience in Work Roll handling. Whether you need to lift a single or double work roll set, with chocks or without, we have a solution for you! Powlift offers all types of heavy-duty work roll handing equipment suited for the Roll Shop or the Mill Aisle. Lifting Beams, simple mechanical devices, and motorized grabs are just some of the many choices.

Backup Roll Lifters

Backup Roll Handling is one of the most demanding applications in the rolling mill. The sheer size and weight of these units presents a challenge for any crane operator. Powlift has developed many custom approaches to handling the Backup Rolls, each as unique as the designs of the Mills that they work in. From automatic mechanical lifters, to fully motorized grabs, chances are we’ve got a design to suit your needs.