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Coil Lifters

No matter what your coil handling application involves, Powlift Material Handling Engineers will help you find the solution that best meets your material handling needs. We provide solutions to suit any process from the Hot Mill, Cold Mill, Galvanizing/Plating Lines, and Annealing to Processing, Storage and Shipping.

C Hooks 18000 series

Heavy-Duty ‘C’ Hooks from Powlift are a simple and effective solution for your coil handling needs.

C-Hooks are a perfect fit when you need to stack coils (or slit coils) closely together, end-to-end, or when access to the coil I.D. is restricted to one side. Additional features include Castmlok bumpers, low-headroom designs, and motorized rotation.

Powlift ‘c’ hooks can handle coils and pallets with a bespoke design to suit your application.

Motorised Coil Lifters 20000 Series

Motorized Telescopic Coil Lifters are the preferred solution when handling coils where the axis is horizontal.
The telescoping legs offer the ability to handle a wide range of coil diameters and widths while maintaining a low headroom profile.

Motorized rotation about the vertical axis,digital weighing systems,coil detection fetures are just a few of the many additional features available for these devices. Coil protection features, and built-in safety devices are also available and can be integrated with automated crane applications.

Coil Rim Tongs 12000 series

For coils positioned with the axis vertical (“eye to the sky”) and the underside of the coil is not accessible, a vertical axis coil rim is an excellent solution. Heavy-duty units built for continuous operation, these tongs are custom-configured to handle your full range of coil sizes. Single-rim grip or double-rim grip versions are available, as well as single or double coil handling designs. Automatically activated tongs offer virtually “hands-free” operation.

Internal Coil Tongs 15000 Series

Motorised or manual, POWLIFT internal coil tongs make eye to the sky lifting easy